C-Organizer Lite is a personal information manager with elegant design and all the necessary features: it lets you plan your day, set alarms and keep an Address Book with photos. Also this program includes a Tasks manager and a Notebook. The program employs simple and user-friendly interface to make working with this software simple and intuitive. C-Organizer was created to help you plan your personal and professional life.

Publisher description

C-Organizer Lite is a beautiful and powerful personal information manager. The program can help you organize and plan your business and personal life. It is a fully featured solution providing an easy-to-use organizer complete with a planner, events calendar, contacts list, tasks manager and notes. The software includes everything that you need in order to plan your day effectively, remind you of important appointments and events and, most of all, maximize your productivity. The built in planner and calendar, coupled with an advanced notification system, makes this work in an extremely effective way. Never again do you have to worry about forgetting an important birthday or a business meeting. Useful for both home and office users alike, powerful organizer software such as this not only makes life easier, but also a lot less stressful in today's often hectic and busy environment. The program supports rich text format, pictures and various other features such as print templates. You can also use it as a safe place to store your contacts and notes. Keep all your important information with this fast, small, and easy-to-use program!

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